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Hey guys got some more exciting news for you..old for some of you other guys.

If you haven't already seen Mad! is working on a new Marvel book Avenging Spiderman. You can check out the images here and in the new section I made. You also can read about the book on Comic Book Resources.

Joe Mad has also been working on the Darksiders 2. Tons of cool stuff has been posted on the Darksiders 2 page on Game Informer. They have a couple videos of Mad's Darksiders 2 concepts as well as video of him must check that out if you're a Mad! fan or Darksiders game fan.

Also Eddy Choi sent me a link to his site where he is selling Joe Mad! original art. So if you're looking for some really cool pages to buy this is the place to do it. He has BC, Ultimates and other cool pages for sale. There is also some pages I don't have posted here yet, so definitely check out this website.. Sorry Eddy it took so long for me to post this.

Well I hope I didn't miss anything..



It's Been Awahile...
I know it's been awhile and there been some exciting things happening that I have missed out on telling everyone.

First I'll start with the most recent news. Darksiders 2 has been announced along with an image by Joe Mad himself. You can find this in the gallery. The image will be on the cover of the July issue of Game Informer, so make sure to pick that up when it comes out. I'm sure there will be some more exciting stuff coming out as E3 gets nearer.

The other news is the Battle Chasers anthology book has come out. If you haven't picked this book up I don't know what you're waiting for. There's new images in the book and it's just to cool to see everything in large format. 

I hope to be able to keep up with the exciting news coming out and talking to you guys on the boards, but with working 2 shifts and spending time with my daughter it's been difficult to be around..but I am trying. 

P.S. I added a picture of my daughter on the message boards if anyone wants to see.  
Vampirella Mad! covers coming..
So I was just flipping through the newest previews again and just happened to notice on the first page Joe Mad! is doing a cover for new Vampirella #1. It will also have a regular version and a Black and White variant edition...can't believe I flipped by this the first couple of time. Maybe I can get Mad! to send us some kinda preview of the cover.

*update* I just added the colors to the vampirella #1 cover. Thanks to everyone that sent me the link. I also wrote Mad! so lets see if he will send the pencils as well (crosses fingers).
Mad! news
Well it's been awhile since I last posted, but I do have some interesting news to's a little bit old if you have read the boards. 

First we have the collected Battle Chasers hardcover that's coming out with new content but sadly no story content. You can read more about it on ign. It looks like there will be 2 versions one signed and one not signed..either way I'll probably be getting multiple would make for an interesting contest prize if I did one of those sometime. 

We have also learned from Skizzoid while attending the Wizard World Con that Mad! will be returning to Marvel comics. An announcement will be made soon as to what book it will be and he is also hard at work on Darksiders 2. I for one hope it's Spiderman or an Iron Man book or anything it's Mad! so I'll love it I'm sure.

Second we have the Red Monika print which Skizzoid mentioned I got a print which probably cost me too much but what the hell it's probably one of my favorite drawings of Mad's. If you can get one I'd recommend grabbing it. It's really a beautiful piece and a pretty decent size print. It's actually got me so excited I've starting drawing again which I haven't done in a loooong while.

Well hopefully I'll have more news to post up soon. For now I'm going to keep drooling over my Red Monika print. 



p.s. I added a large scan of the red monika print on the forums for you colorists. 
Welcome to JoeMadFan v2

Welcome to the new look JoeMadFan website. As you can see the site is a lot different to the old site. What I wanted to do with the new design was make a site that looked good on smaller monitors, but also looked good on larger, widescreen monitors. This was mainly for myself since I'm on 2560x1440 res monitor, but these days I think most monitors are now around the 1920x1080 res mark. That said, this site should still be enjoyable to those on 1024 res screens, but you do need a larger monitor to get the full enjoyment of the site.

Other changes are mostly in the backend of the site. The site is now full css, which should improve load times. It also makes making changes to the site a lot easier since the skin can be edited in the admin section of the site. Making any changes to the layout can also be done in the admin section. All of these things are things that you, the viewer wont really notice, but it makes things easier for us designers.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the new look site. Overall it's not a huge change, but I think it's a nice change to the site.

Art of Darksiders info + Screenshots

I found over on parkablogs (an amazing site about art books) a link to the Udon blog about more information and screenshots to the Darksiders artbook. Check out this link for more info and you can see the screenshots here on my site.

*update* just use the link to check out the screenshots for now. I have to figure out how to upload pictures again this program has been updated. Maybe someone can post them on my forums too.

Joe Mad at E3 +Warhammer 40k Dark Millennium

Joe Mad has been at E3 talking about Warhammer 40k Dark Millennium. I don't know if Joe is doing art for the game yet, but you can check out the interview here and vist Vigil for more news and the trailer for Warhammer 40k DM and also a link to the official Warhammer 40k DM site.

Darksiders Artbook

So I was checking out amazon for anything new coming out for Mad! and stumbled on this Amazon Link for a Darksiders artbook...Sweet! I already ordered it. Hopefully more news will come out on this.

Joe Madureira to Attend Philadelphia Comic Con!

That's right Joe Mad will be attending Philadelphia Comic Con check it out LINK for more info

I know I haven't been around, but I think I have a pretty good reason. My girlfriend and I just found out recently that we will be having a baby. So I've been pretty busy getting stuff ready. It's still early but I want to be ready. I'm still going to try to be around more. I really want to start change stuff around here too hopefully I will still have time.

Well if anyone thinks they will be attending the con maybe we can work something out.  If you can get Mad! to get do a sketch or if he is giving away posters or anything..I'm willing to pay for whatever you can get.

Darksiders and Wizard Magazine #221 both out now!

Well I'm going to type this out fast because I have to get back to playing Darksiders..seriously. I'm about half way through now. I'm so mad I had to wait until the weekend to start playing..stupid work always gets in the way. So if you haven't picked it up yet go get it. It's an amazing game and it's like playing in a Joe Mad! comic what could be better.

Also the Wizard Magazine #221 with Mad's drawing on the cover is out now. I found a bigger scan on Saejinoh from deviantart, the colorist of the cover. I hope they make a poster of this and the rest of Mad's Darksiders art.

I know I missed tons of stuff for Darksiders but I really want to get back to playing. I'll make more updates in a couple days..I have to get 100% on this game first.

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FuranSan02 - January 6, 2010
Joe Mad video with concept art.
Nice vid! I can't wait to get my hands on that game. Thanks for the link Nathen!

Guardian - June 7, 2009
Darksiders website update.
Have fun and be careful Nathen, I too wish there was more for you to update. But what are ya gonna do. Thanks for the post.

Lyonheart - June 3, 2009
Darksiders website update.
Holy Sh!t! This website is f$@kin awsome! The animated graphic characters look awsome! If they could redo World of Warcraft with this type of graphic I would so be in love. This team has taken video game graphics to a whole new level.

lexettes - March 28, 2009
Gekido Sketches!
isn't that game suppose to be out now or is it still in development !? seems like he's been promoting it at every game shows.not sure tho.i wish he would go back to being a comic book artist then a video game designer

mhunt - March 28, 2009
Gekido Sketches!
Working on Darksiders I guess. don't think he'll participate on forums and stuff, he once posted a message on -concept art- forum because a job was available on his department and the response were questions on BC and if he was returning to comics...

lexettes - March 27, 2009
Gekido Sketches!
oh joe...where are you !?!?

mhunt - March 25, 2009
Gekido Sketches!
Are thos really from him .. wasn't there a lot of Gekido artwork from Roger Cruz when he drew like Joe ?

Lyonheart - November 25, 2008
Gekido Sketches!
Feels weird seeing Joe's old pencil work lol. I think "Wow! Joe slacked off in so much detail. . . how could he ever miss a deadline!", but when I compare his past work with todays I'm amazed to see he put so much more effort into filling up the empty space. When I look at Darksider I think "Comic Book", when I look at his past work I think "Animation". Anyway, thanks for post these up! Also Thanks Joe for letting Nathen post these up lol! I think this is enough to fuel me up for while. :P

lexettes - October 28, 2008
Play Magazine insides
yeah i guess lazy was a poor choice of word. i just hope that he's not pulling another battle chasers again or better yet, i hope he's back drawing battle chasers. just want to see how that story ends

Lyonheart - October 23, 2008
Play Magazine insides
Errr... I wouldn't go that far to say "he's lazy". I'm sure Joe has his reasons for not handing over the goodies. Gotta remember this isn't just a JoeMad decision this is a JoeMad and company decision on weither or not he is allowed to post any art on the web.

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